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A video on budgeting featuring a fictitious college grad Rachel, who is living the good life. She landed a job as a yoga instructor, rented a great apartment and drove around in a sporty new car. She hardly thought twice about buying concert tickets, new outfits, or the latest electronic gadgets.

Eventually, though, it all caught up with her. Everyday expenses, taxes and unexpected bills depleted her salary. She found herself in serious financial trouble. Luckily, one of her students with some financial knowhow came to her aid. With his help, she learned the value of preparing and sticking to a budget and how to plan for the future.

Along with Rachel, your students will learn how to prepare a basic household budget; why setting goals is a part of financial planning ; the importance of keeping track of one’s spending ; how to organize household money matters; ways to audit spending habits and discover expensive “blind spots.”; simple lifestyle changes that can help save money; and how to put all the pieces together in a budget that meets your goals.

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